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 Knobber's Anim thread!

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I'm new.

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Knobber's Anim thread! Empty
PostSubject: Knobber's Anim thread!   Knobber's Anim thread! EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 7:22 pm

Sup yo? Threw these up on droidz also, but figured why not spread it?
Stopped making Pivs about a year or two ago, and picked it up again a couple weeks ago. Made a few "practice" anims to get into the flow. Tell me what you guys think!
Knobber's Anim thread! Pivpractice
This was just a running test, my very first animation after 2 years break. Hell, it was better than the running/movement I was making back then!
Knobber's Anim thread! Blockrunnan
This was just another movement to try, but I wasn't so happy with it. The dismount and running was all dodgy.
Knobber's Anim thread! Climbinblock
This was just the logical progression upwards! I really like how he climbs up, but not much else about it.
Knobber's Anim thread! Floop
This was just a combination of the various moves, not unlike my other one. The weird "fall" is a "floop". That's a thing now. As in, to floop.
Knobber's Anim thread! Fliip
After flooping, I wanted to get lots of flips. I quite like this one, just the slide kind of annoys me, so little friction. But then he flies, so I guess it makes sense.

Thanks for your time!
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Knobber's Anim thread! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Knobber's Anim thread!   Knobber's Anim thread! EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 2:06 am

Nice work on those, good foot placment, and really good movements most of the time. I think it was a little stiff here and there but over all, I'll say.

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Soz luca, someone changed my password, so until if figure this out and fix it, I'm borrowing your account, if you have any probs call me.
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Knobber's Anim thread!
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