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 How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)

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PostSubject: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:08 am

If you didn't notice, there are many newbies that can't get respect and/or are ignored most of the time.

So, here is a tutorial to help them.

Follow these steps and you will be noticed and respected.

1. Read the rules before you post anything.
e.g. Double posting, too big sigs, bumping, etc.
If you don't, every one is going to hate you.
You can read them here: http://www.droidz.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15172

Here are some rules that you should take note of:
1. Don't bump threads. Don't post in threads that are older than 7 days. Look at the date of the last post in that topic.
2. Don't post anything irrelevant to the topic! If you are in an argue with another member, take it to private messages!
3. Don't minimod! Don't pretend to be a moderator by telling another user that he has broken a rule. Simply report his post, or just ignore it.
4. Don't post after bots! That will just bring more attention to his thread. Just report or ignore it until it's banned and it's thread locked.

2. Spell correctly.

Grammar, people! It's not hard to write a sentence in proper English. Think about it, when you're going to write something, how does it sound if you say it in real life?
Capital letters! Seriously capitals are used at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. Grammar really isn't a difficult thing to use; you don't have to be a A* student or anything, just use a bit of common sense.

Of course, saying all this also ties in with the one thing that, if used, guarantees that you're a twelve year old, trying to be funny.


If you don't know how to use them, let me teach you. To write the apostrophe on your keyboard, press the Ä or Ć key, depending on what kind of keyboard you have.
When to use apostrophes:
1. Don't use them in plurals. If you want to write something like: Hookers, don't do it like this: Hooker's.
2. Use them in possessive words: My cell phone's battery is dead. If the word ends with an "s" do this: The soldiers' guns are jammed.
3. In contractions:
Cannot=>Can't (although can't can be spelled without an apostrophe);
Will not=>won't;
Are not=>aren't.
And so on, except for am not. You write that I'm not, or I am not.



Saying something like
'yur r34lly gud m8 ur btr thn j0n'
Is just going to get you flamed, and that'll cause your head to think that everyone on Droidz is a horrid person. We're not, we're a nice community, who just have rather strict social rules.
Write in proper English, writing words where letters are substituted for numbers is just ridiculous, and makes you look like a complete wanker, really.


Punctuations are necessary to make your post more clear. The basic punctuations are the periods(dots), commas, exclamation points and question marks. Always put a space after a punctuation! Now, let me teach you about the basic punctuations:
Periods/dots/full stops are the things you put at the ending of an informative sentence.
Commas. Commas are the things you put after the words where you have to make a break, but not quite end the sentence.
Exclamation points are the things you put at the ending of a command sentence or just to express that you are yelling.
Question marks are the things you put at the end of an interrogative sentence(questions).

Now that we have the basics of English covered, time to move on.

3. Constructive criticism.
When you post in someones animation/art etc. thread don't do it like this:

U is s0 g00d.Curtz? *Very Happy* *Very Happy* *Very Happy*

Do this(with animation threads):

Your animations need some work. You need to ease more
Example, of bad easing:
I=a frame, -=the movement of the joint.
Example of good easing:
Easing will make you better in no time.
Make them more realistic. Make them less stiff - move every joint per every frame.
Also, don't make them so choppy - don't move the joints very far of the onion skin. If you want to do it, put in some trails to make it look better.
Overall rank:low beginner.
Courtesy(means "I post in your thread,will you post in mine"?
*put thread link here*

Note: You don't have to post CC every single time in one thread. The later comments can be like:

You have improved in your last animation. Keep up the good work! ;)

Or if someone is Inter/Veteran/Elite you don't need to post CC like that. That would be wrong.

And If you are given any CC, take advice off of it and do what it says.
That is annoying. Also makes you look like you are yelling. There is a difference between this:


And this:

Your animations are cool!

5. Don't be all smug and cool if your post count has risen.

Don't disregard newbies because you think you are cool and shit because you have been here for a longer time.
You'll be acting like a total douchebag and probably drive away the new members.

6. Before requesting anything, do the following:
First off, if you are very new, like if you joined this month, don't request something, be it a stick, animation or something else. The odds are very little that you'll get your request done. Just hang around and get to know some of the Droidz members and eventually someone will fill your request!
And another note: if you are requesting for a stick, look at the .stks database first!

7. Guideline for making a collab.
Do you wonder why your collab has failed or just didn't get enough attention for it's success? Well, there are several answers for that:
1. If you are new and if you have a low post count it is highly unlikely that it'll get finished.(If a member is popular on DarkDemon and has just joined this site, he has more chances of getting it finished)
2. Don't make stupid collabs! Be clever of what you are making.
3. If you have 500+ posts, and still didn't get your collab finished, the answer is simple why it has failed. It's because Droidz isn't an animation forum any more.
4.Don't make multiple collabs at once. The other users will ignore your collabs.
For more information about making a collab, read this!

8. A few tips for getting a decent sig/avatar
Signature tips:
1. If you want a sig, don't make it larger than 300 px in the height. If you must, put them in the hide tags.
2. Don't quote yourself in your sig! We find it really annoying and unfunny, no mater if you think it is.
3. If you want to quote someone in your sig, don't quote shit like this:

Stupid retard wrote:HURR I LIKE CHEEZ. LOLOLOLl

Make sure that what you quote makes sense and that it is funny.
4. Never, and I mean NEVER put pivot animations in your sig. It expresses that you are very noobish and you'll be ignored.
Avatar tips:
1. Same as for the sig, don't make your avatar in pivot or get a pivot animation for it.
2. Don't steal someone else's avatar if it's not for humor purposes only.
9. A few tips on being funny.
1. If someone makes a joke, don't explain it!
2. If you want to make a joke, don't include pie and/ or cheese, unless it's used in irony purposes.
3. Make sure that whatever you write makes sense.

10. Never talk about 4chan's memes and don't talk about /b/! EVER!
You will be instantly hated. Nobody here likes 4chan. Only a couple of members, but they don't always talk about their memes.
Never make a thread about 4chan, you are most likely to be warned.

11. Don't be a postwhore!
Don't post some stupid bullshit to get your postcount up. It's fucking annoying an is most likely going to get you warned, and later on, banned.

12. Misc
Here are some other rules:
1. Don't sign yourself at the end of your post. It's stupid and annoying.
2. If you've been here for a few months, stick with the original font and font colour. Later if you wish to change your font, stick with it!
3. Never use sprites in your animations. EVER!
4. Don't advertise your collab/forum game/thread where ever you post. This rule goes strictly to westham123.

More to be added.

Use your common sense.

Credits to QWERTY and luggageking for helping me build up this tutorial.

That's pretty much it. If you know more methods, feel free post them here
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PostSubject: Re: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:57 am

Try not to copy to much useless stuff/crap.
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PostSubject: Re: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:57 pm

Well this is usefull, for when we get members.
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PostSubject: Re: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:56 pm

ya except mark is a bitch and as ugly as shit too!!!

Don't flame.
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PostSubject: Re: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:37 pm

Locked. Binned and sick is warned.

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PostSubject: Re: How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)   

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How to be noticed and respected (all credits to markecccc889)
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